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Artist's Statement

"As soon as I could hold a pencil, my parents encouraged me to draw and I have been creating art in some form or another ever since. For me it is an outlet for my emotions and although it can often be frustrating and challenging, producing a piece of work that I am happy with and that brings joy to others is immensely satisfying.


I am increasingly driven by emotional struggles and my response to memories, nostalgia, love and loss. Childhood memories, imprints of important moments in time and place and my relationship with them provides a rich and varied, but sometimes troubling source of inspiration. Supported by a foundation of drawing from life and direct observation my work is increasingly abstract, utilising bold colour palettes and intriguing compositions.

In a wider context, I strongly believe that art is incredibly important to the world and society; whether simply through beauty or its ability to challenge the status quo and provoke thought, providing answers to subjects and ideas that other things cannot, it provides the opportunity to reflect and consider things on a deeper and more human level."

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