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William Watso-West Artist
Photograph by Tessa Bunney

"Through my mixed media paintings I seek to translate the emotions evoked by my surroundings onto paper. 

Having spent most of my life growing up on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, I have developed a deep affection for my surroundings. 

Whether it is autumn, winter, spring or summer, the landscape offers a constant source of inspiration with its ever-changing light, colours and textures.


I am equally as inspired by the verdant fields and foliage of the family garden as by the sometimes stark but imposing landscape of the moors in a storm or the height of winter.


My latest work marks a shift in direction in both subject matter and media, exploring the use of acrylic and pastel to create evocative still lifes and abstract paintings.


Inspired by the surroundings in and around my Yorkshire farmhouse there continues to be a sense of emotion translated into my work with bold use of colour and texture."

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